Christian Hertzog, San Diego Union-Tribune, 17th June 2018

“Festival director Michael Francis led 15 musicians in a crackling performance. Many groups play the outer movements of “Dumbarton Oaks” under tempo, but Francis matched the speeds of Stravinsky’s own recordings…All 10 string players marvelously dug into their parts, playing with bite or sweetness as appropriate, slamming those crazy accents outside the beat. The winds and brass couldn’t help stepping out in that ensemble and did so wonderfully.”

“Heard on the same program, the transformation from Symphony No. 31 to No. 35 was remarkable — we hear Mozart grow from a very good composer into one of the geniuses of classical music…The Festival Orchestra played miraculously, executing rapid passages with utmost precision and flawless phrasing. If this ensemble could not convince you of Mozart’s brilliance, it’s doubtful that any group will.”