Gabor Halasz, Die Rheinpfalz, 27th June 2020

“The joy of music is unwavering, and so is the quality of music performance. This was illustrated once again by the German State Philharmonic of Rhineland-Palatinate, whose chamber music ensemble played in the Ludwigshafen Palatinate Building. The performance of its principal conductor Michael Francis also justified its place at the pinnacle of music performance…

Francis and his Philharmonic Orchestra paid homage to the rhythmic dance elements of the three pieces. This was also evident in the spirited and elegant conducting, which could hardly have been clearer, more precise, or more intense. The elegant conducting of Francis was also evident in the smooth transitions between parts.

The musicians followed his instructions enthusiastically. They proved to be rhythmically consistent and, at places where it really mattered, they were virtuoso. Let’s not forget to mention the numerous excellent solo contributions and the subtle tonal nuances. For example, these were especially evident in Copland’s refined instrumentation at the beginning of the “Appalachian Spring” suite.”